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Philosophy of Education

It is no longer acceptable to be an unconnected educator. This statement may sting. This statement may hurt. If it does, it should. I would add " unconnected parent, student, leader, learner, etc."  Today's world requires individuals who are able to not only interact globally but also to collaborate, develop, reflect, and refine. The growth of platforms such as Google Drive in the workplace and higher academia is not a fluke. Rather, the growth of collaborative digital platforms is a reflection on the future of our society: connected, collaborative, creative, and innovative.


We are living in a time that many could only dream of years ago.

Our predescesors dreamed of a connected world, one drenched

in technology that not only existed because it could, but also

because it makes us better.


This dream world is where my tenets for education can be found.

I proudly advocate for the mantra "create, innovate, and inspire."

I believe that our educational system has a responsibility to

prepare our students to interact and collaborate on scales we have

yet to imagine. Our schools must promote connectivity, not only

for students but also for the professionals that are charged with

helping them grow and succeed. We must break free of the mold that education's only goal is to pass on knowledge and embrace an educational system that provides opportunities for students and educators to think, create, critique, share, and fail. Failure is not an option in the learning process, it is an expectation. When one fails they are simply taking his or her first steps towards learning.


Technology is a crucial part of our educational system. It affords schools the opportunity to break down the walls that have long isolated us to allow educators and students to connect with peers and colleagues. Digital collaborations provide avenues for schools to unite with each other and develop knowledge, awareness, and community. Technology allows students once isolated by geography to have access to resources others have in their own backyards. Technology has the power to be the great equalizer in a digital world.


Education is an endeavor, not a requirement. It is a journey we all take as we develop and grow. Our educational system must adapt to reflect society - not the society of today, but the society of tomorrow. We must continue to be the change we wish to see in the world and strive to provide students, parents, staff, and communities with schools that serve as the hearts and minds of their community. We must continue to build relationships and develop collaborative opportunities within our schools. We must continue to look for new ways to innovate, not for the sake of being different but for the sake of being better. Most of all, we must continue to seek ways to build schools and educational systems that we are proud of, that we stand behind, and that allow all within its walls to develop for the betterment of society.

"The longer we keep up the facade that school is the primary place for learning, the sooner it becomes irrelevant."

                                        - Dean Shareski

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