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The links below provide access to pieces I have had published. All links are external so content and status is out of my control. Click on the image to select the piece you would like to see.

Assistant Principal Field Guide-2.png
"Assistant Principal Field Guide"

Principal Leadership, January 2021


"Getting Connected is the First Step - Now It's Time to Lead"

ISTE Guest Blog

This article focuses on the seven key elements that help assistant principals to maximize their ability to serve. It is the written version of the presentation of the same title.

This blog focuses on the power of connection, but even more importantly, the power of helping others to connect.

"A Leader's Resolution"
NASSP Ignite Blog, January 2015

This blog was featured on NASSP's Ignite Conference site. It discusses the importance of professional fitness.

"When Status-Quo is a No-Go"
Journal of Staff Development, June 2015
Learning Forward

This article appeared in the June 2015 issue of the Journal of Staff Development. The article focuses on how we worked to establish a model of professional learning that promoted staff ownership and personalization while using data to support direction and growth.

"Forget Faculty Meetings"

Principal Leadership, March 2014


This article appeared in the March 2014 edition of Principal Leadership (NASSP). The article focuses on the transition of our professional learning model at Liberty High School. Focal points include PLCs, FedEx Days, digital collaborations, Ten Minute Tuesdays, and eliminating traditional faculty meetings. 

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